The easiest way to transfer music from iPod to another apple devices

The easiest way to transfer music from iPod to another apple devices

Music is the best voice in the world. As a music lover, it’s great to listen to music from iPod when you’re running. It’s also relaxing to enjoy quiet music when you’re upset. However, many music lovers may encounter some problems, such as it is difficult to copy files from one iPod to another iPod when you get a new iPod touch, or it is difficult to transfer music files from computer to iPod, as well as from iPod to computer for copyright protected iPod videos, music. In this article, we will share several ways to transfer songs from one iPod to another.

Transfer music from iPod to iPhone

How to transfer music from one iPod to another using iTunes

iTunes is the first free way many of you can think of to move music between iPods. But the complicated process of putting music on iPods is easy to confuse. In this way, you need to first transfer music from iPod to computer/Mac with iTunes and then copy the music from Mac/PC to iPod. Follow the steps below to transfer iPod music to another iPod.

What do you need:

Two iPods, USB cable, PC/Mac

The points you should pay attention to:

1. With iTunes, you will ensure that your other version of iPod is superior to the previous iPod.

2. When you sync iTunes music on Mac to another iPod, it will also restore all data from the original iPod to another iPod. If your other iPod is a new iPod, then that’s fine. If your other iPod has existing data, then you must accept the fact that all data on other iPod will be replaced with the original iPod documents.

Copy music from iPod to PC/Mac

Step 1: Download the latest version of iTunes on your computer or Mac. If you have iTunes, check it to update to the latest version of iTunes. And then launch iTunes instantly.

Step 2: Connect iPod to PC/Mac with USB cable, wait a few seconds for iTunes to detect your iPod. Until you find your iPod icon screen in iTunes (at the top right next to the eclipse).

Step 3: Click the icon of your iPod, and you will find the summary information of your iPod display on the interface. Search for “Backups” > check “This computer” > “Back up now” to transfer music from iPod to Mac/PC for free. The entire process of transferring music from iPod to Mac/PC will take a few minutes. If you need, you can click “Encrypt local backup” to encrypt your private music files.

Copy music from iPod to PC

Sync music from computer/Mac to another iPod

Many people are familiar with iTunes, and it is useful when you want to transfer music from one iPod to another iPod.

Step 1: Take out the first iPod from your PC/Mac and connect another iPod to this PC/Mac with a USB cable.

Step 2: Still wait seconds as mentioned above to see the icon of another iPod.

Step 3: Click the icon of another iPod to view the summary information of another iPod. Go to “Backups” > choose “This computer” > click “Restore backup…” > select the original backup of your iPod and click “Restore” to transfer music from your computer to my iPod.

Restore iPod music

If you set a password for iPod music backup in the above description, you need to enter the password to restore.

How to copy music from iPod to another without iTunes

From the above six steps, you may know that iTunes is not the best way to transfer music between two iPods. So without iTunes, how do you easily sync music to iPod? You will need a program to copy music from one iPod to another iPod. iPod Transfer is the exact tool to help you get iPod to iPod transfer at the same time. In this article, you will get the detailed information to do so. You need to prepare well your two iPods, two USB cables and of course a link to download free iPod music transfer to your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 1: Connect iPods to PC/Mac

After downloading this program to your PC/Mac, install and launch it right now. Use two USB cables to connect your two iPods to the PC. And seconds later, you will see your two iPods appear on the interface of this iPod to iPod music transfer software.

Connect two iPods

Step 2: Choose music files

Click the name of your source iPod in the device list, click “Music” and select the music files you need on the right side of the interface. You can choose all songs or get multiple selections.

Select iPod music files

Step 3: Sync music with another iPod

After choosing all the desired songs, click “Export to device” to select the destination device to start the transfer.

Export music from iPod

You can also select the music files you want to transfer. Then right click on them and click “Export to device” to choose the destination device.

Select iPod to export music

In this step, you can copy music from iPod to computer or make a backup for future use, and then add music from PC to another iPod by following the guide.

After choosing all the music files, click “Export to PC” to export music from iPod to computer in a folder. Then click “Music” of the destination iPod and click “Add item(s)” > “Add file” or “Add Folder”. Then choose the music files exported before to import to another iPod.

After completing the process, the music files will be transferred to another iPod in seconds. And now you can enjoy music on both iPods.

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Points of transferring songs from one iPod to another

When you choose the second way to transfer songs from iPod to iPod, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • 1. This iPod transfer software is compatible with all iOS devices such as iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPhone, iPad, etc. So you can transfer music from iPod to iPhone, from iPhone to iPad or between iPods.
  • 2. When you connect two different iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad), you can also transfer music from iPhone to iPod, transfer iPad to iPhone, etc.
  • 3. Not only music, you can also transfer photos, videos, etc. between different iOS devices.

Other Ways to Transfer Songs from iPod to iPod

There are still other ways you can use to sync iPod songs to another iPod, such as iTools and AirDrop. But when you use AirDrop to sync iPod music, you need to make sure your iPod touch is running iOS 7 or later and a MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac nini, or Mac Pro running OS X El Capitan.

Find the easiest way to transfer your iPod music to another iPod yourself.

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