Advantages of Using Gmail for Your Business Email

Advantages of Using Gmail for Your Business Email

Gmail is one of the email platforms preferred by users due to its simplicity and security. A platform that helps us save time and presents us with a whole series of possibilities from your inbox.

Gmail has a series of advantages such as speed in sending photos, movies or documents. Continuously improvements have been implemented in the platform that seeks to provide a comprehensive service, different from the rest and that meets the needs of the user.

For new users, the steps to create a account are very simple and with a few clicks, one can take advantage of all its advantages. Gmail has a series of benefits that improve both our daily life and our productivity at work, but what advantages does Gmail offer us?

Undo shipments

One of the advantages of the platform that very few others present is the possibility of undoing the sending of our email if we have noticed that there is an error or that we need to add something else.

In the configuration section of our account, we can check the box to undo the shipment and configure the cancellation time up to a maximum of thirty seconds after clicking to send.

Automatic responses

Gmail allows us the possibility to configure our responses automatically. We only have to write the text that will be sent to the sender and the sender will receive an email immediately after contacting us.

Work offline

A very important point is that we can even use our Gmail when we do not have an internet connection. Through Google email, an application has been created that allows you to work offline, enter the inbox and thus be able to read emails and archives. If we combine Gmail Offline with Drive Offline when we have an internet connection again, our messages will be sent automatically.

Total security

Information security and confidentiality one of Gmail’s strengths. The security of our mail is total, even if someone knows our password.

Gmail offers us the possibility of verifying our identity in two steps, in this way each time we access our account, in addition to entering a username and password, we must enter a code that will arrive in a message on our phone.

Inbox selectivity

Gmail allows us to decide what type of information we want to reach our inbox, being able to label the messages as promotional, social or forum emails.

We can choose the option to continue receiving or not the specific emails, or even thanks to the Unroll tool. We can organize our subscriptions or unsubscribe immediately and no longer receive emails.

Install extensions for email tracking

With the installation of extensions, we can know if the recipient of our email opens it, how many times has he seen it and from where he is doing it. Google has several applications to do this.

Pause the inbox

Gmail offers us the possibility to pause the inbox, with this, we manage to avoid distractions at work. To pause our inbox, we need to have the Inbox Pause extension installed, which adds a button in the upper left to pause the tray.

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