Top 5 Best Virtual Assistants for Android

Top 5 Best Virtual Assistants for Android

Siri the virtual voice assistant for Apple iOS devices. This wizard has become one of the most popular applications for those users who have an iPhone or an iPad. Siri responds to our voice requests and all kinds of questions and comments and is even able to follow our pranks.

Siri is only available for iOS, but those who have devices with the Android operating system also want to have a similar application. Possibilities are not lacking and there are a number of alternatives where you can download a good assistant for android. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 best assistants for Android.

1. Google Assistant

Credits: 9to5Google

The Google assistant is essential to carry out all kinds of searches. This wizard has been developed in such a way that you can understand the context of the conversation in which the user searches, in order to achieve the best possible result.

This wizard has improved and evolved as time goes by and it complies with various functionalities that have made it more complete. We can activate it at any time and it has constant updates that add new functions.

2. Cortana

Credits: TechRepublic

Cortana is one of the public’s favorite virtual assistants, created by Microsoft Corporation. It is a software that emerged to be used in Windows Phone 8.1 but that currently can also be installed on all Android devices.

This assistant is able to recognize the voice of the user and answers all kinds of questions and demands. Its usefulness lies in the speed when it comes to obtaining the desired information. Along with Siri, he is the number one virtual assistant.

3. Sherpa

Credits: sherpa

Serpa is an Android application with functions similar to Siri. Its engine allows you to anticipate the movements of users and can be obtained for free. Like all attendees, we can ask you all kinds of questions, translate texts, send voice or text messages, and even dial numbers to make calls.

A very complete assistant that has achieved great success among Android users who want a Siri-like assistant.

4. Hound

Credits: SoundHound

Hound is a little-known assistant, but certainly worthwhile. This assistant is sold as the fastest Android assistant on the market and faster than Siri. This wizard includes some very interesting functions, it can help us calculate the mortgage, book hotels in Expedida or play interactive games.

5. Bixby

Credits: The Verge

Bixby is Samsung’s assistant, which tries more to facilitate and carry out tasks on the mobile than to carry out internet searches.

Bixby can inform us of the weather, show us our agenda, make calls, show information about products that we have taken a photograph of, set an alarm and a host of other tasks.

Bixby learns what you like to do and works with your favorite applications and services to make your tasks easier, adapts to your needs by learning your routines and the applications you use the most.

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